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    Lorentz Center Scientific Reports,
    instructions for authors

The Lorentz Center requests workshop organizers to write a short scientific report about their workshop. These resports are annually bundled into “Scientific Reports” and distributed to funding agencies, the scientific advisory boards and other interested partners. The scientific reports are also used as inspiration for coming organizers and as feedback to the Lorentz Center.

In order to increase the relevance of the scientific reports, we invite you to consider the following points when writing your report. Please note that these are guidelines; feel free to mention anything else about the impact of the workshop.

Importantly, while we encourage you to take a moment to evaluate your workshop, it should not be a major task. Specifically, the entire report is preferably contained within one page.


  1. A concise version of the description and aims of the workshop, including what were the most important scientific questions motivating the workshop (about 5 lines).
  2. Is a tangible outcome of the workshop expected? If so, please mention – even if it is, as yet, at the level of intention.
  3. Where there any developments which could, already, be termed a (beginning) scientific breakthrough? If yes, please tell about it shortly.
  4. Did you, or to your knowledge any of the participants, experience notable “Aha” moments (for instance, separate scientific communities realizing that they have significantly more in common than they had thought)?


  5. How did you experience the format of the workshop (the structure of the program, lectures vs discussion time etc.)? Did you try something new (different kind of discussions for instance)? If so, how did it work out? Would you do it again or advise it to others?
  6. Other comments, suggestions and/or criticism for the Lorentz Center, the scientific advisory boards and/or future organizers.

    If in the coming years, papers are published which you believe owe significantly to your workshop, please notify us. We find that highly gratifying fruits of our work and it is naturally desirable for fundraising.