Lorentz Center - Evaluation 2014
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    Evaluation 2014

In September 2014 the Lorentz Center and itís activities in the period 2008-2013, were evaluated by the Dutch funding agency NWO.
An international review panel, chaired by Jan Karel Lenstra, came together to perform the evaluation, based on the self-evaluation report, a survey held under previous organizers of and participants in the activities of the Lorentz Center, and open discussions during a site visit. The Lorentz Center is very proud to cite the two points in the panels main conclusion:
  • "We are very impressed by what has been achieved at the Lorentz Center. The Center has developed a unique concept, which is highly appreciated by the participants and which stimulates a multidisciplinary approach that is indispensable in this era of integration of sciences and scholarly disciplines."
  • "The Lorentz Center is a gem, a national treasure. For a small country, building and running such a center at such a high level is remarkable. With its multidisciplinary approach it thrives on interaction."