Lorentz Center - Lorentz Program 2020@Oort
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Lorentz Program 2020@Oort


Program poster:
January to April 2020

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January 13 - 17
Extreme Physics, Extreme Data
Peter Hatfield, Gemma Anderson, Jim Gaffney, Elena Rossi

January 20 - 24
ICT with Industry 2020
Vasilios Andrikopoulos, Amber Kerkhofs, Ivano Malavolta

January 27 - 31
The Cosmic Web in the Local Universe
Noam I. Libeskind, Rien van de Weijgaert

February 3 - 7
Mixing in Porous Media
Marco Dentz, Daniel Lester, Michel Speetjens

February 10 - 14
Tackling the Complexities of Substellar Objects: From Brown Dwarfs to (exo-)Planets
Michele Bannister, Ludmila Carone, Jackie Faherty, Matthew Kenworthy

February 17 - 21
Dynamical Reconstruction of Galaxies
Aura Obreja, James Trayford, Glenn van de Ven, Ling Zhu

March 2 - 6
Intersectional Analysis of the Sexed/Gendered Brain
Katherine Bryant, Hannah Fitsch, Anelis Kaiser, Annelies Kleinherenbrink, Mal Pool

March 9 - 13
Automated Workflow Composition in the Life Sciences
Jon Ison, Anna-Lena Lamprecht, Magnus Palmblad, Veit Schwämmle

March 16 - 20
Developing models of the world
Danaja Rutar, Tomer D. Ullman, Wanja Wiese, Johan Kwisthout

March 30 - April 3
Where the Star Formation Ends
Decker French, Jacqueline Hodge, Mark Krumholz, Raffaella Morganti, Kate Rowlands

May 25 - 29
Fixed-Parameter Computational Geometry III
Mark Berg, Hans Bodlaender, Karl Bringmann, Christian Knauer

June 15 - 19
Disorder's role in glass formation and deformation
Eran Bouchbinder, Corrado Rainone, Beatrice Ruta, Peter Schall, Francesco Turci

June 29 - July 3
Reconstituting biology - a chart to minimal cells
Kristina Ganzinger, Allen Liu, Liedewij Laan

July 20 - 24
Towards a One Health Approach to Study Leprosy
Toine Pieters, Richard Truman, Verena J. Schuenemann, Monica Green, Annemieke Geluk