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Lorentz Program 2019@Snellius


SSH program poster:
SSH workshop program 2019

Program poster:
January to April 2019
May to August 2019
September to December 2019

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January 7 - 11
Bringing Holography to the Lab: Explaining Strange Metals with Virtual Black Holes
Tomas Andrade, Oscar Dias, Nigel Hussey, Alexander Krikun, Koenraad Schalm

January 14 - 18
Risk Regulation and Society
Caelesta Braun, Bert Fraussen, Sanneke Kuipers, Stefano Pagliari, Haiko van der Voort

January 28 - February 1
The Future of AI: Ethical, Legal, and Societal Issues
Mark Coeckelbergh, Virginia Dignum, Ugo Pagallo, Roel Wieringa

February 4 - 8
Monsters of the Universe: The Most Extreme Star Factories
Evanthia Hatziminaoglou, Christopher Hayward, Desika Narayanan, Seb Oliver, Lingyu Wang

February 11 - 15
Looking Backwards to the Future: Studying the Future with Counterfactuals
Roy Bendor, Elina Eriksson, Mikael Höök, Gert Jan Kramer, Daniel Pargman, Mariana Todorova

February 18 - 22
Advancing Verification Competitions as a Scientific Method
Fabrice Kordon, Jaco van de Pol, Martina Seidl

February 25 - March 1
How countries learn to tax; Complexity, legal transplants and legal culture
Kim Brooks, Allison Christians, Tsilly Dagan, Irma Mosquera Valderrama, Kerrie Sadiq

March 4 - 8
Enabling LISA Science Exploitation
Jonathan Gair, Elena Rossi, Alberto Sesana

March 11 - 15
Workshop Canceled - The Physics of Sports 2019
Peter Beek, Christophe Clanet, Anette Hosoi, Willem van de Water, Jerry Westerweel

March 18 - 22
Galaxy Evolution in the Cosmic Web
Jacqueline Hodge, Pascale Jablonka, Eelco van Kampen, Gabriella DeLucia, Gregory Rudnick

March 25 - 29
Types of Knowledge: Towards a New History of Concepts and Practices
Marieke Hendriksen, Elizabeth Honig, Fabian Krämer, Wijnand Mijnhardt

April 1 - 5
FAIR Hydrological Models: Automated Comparisons Using eScience Tools
Berit Arnheimer, Fedor Baart, Niels Drost, Fabrizio Fenicia, Rolf Hut

April 8 - 12
Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence Using Social Simulation
Melania Borit, Stephanie Dornschneider, Bruce Edmonds, Magnús Josefsson, Sara Mehryar, Nanda Wijermans

May 6 - 10
Mathematics of Quantum Information Theory
Jop Briët, Martijn Caspers, Bas Janssens, Maris Ozols, Barbara Terhal

May 13 - 17
Effective Verification: Static Analysis Meets Program Logics
Lennart Beringer, Robbert Krebbers, Thomas Noll, Makoto Tatsuta

May 20 - 24
Electron-Capture-Initiated Stellar Collapse
Samuel Jones, Shing Chi Leung, Friedrich Roepke, Josiah Schwab, Silvia Toonen

May 27 - 28
High-Dimensional Systems
Arjen Doelman, Mark Peletier

June 3 - 7
Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
Vincent Lengkeek, Roy Lindelauf, Arnout van de Rijt, Paulo Shakarian, V Subrahmanian

June 11 - 14
Singularities and Horizons: From Blackholes to Cosmology
Robert Brandenberger, Valeri Frolov, Samir Mathur, Anupam Mazumdar

June 24 - 28
Bursting the Bubble: Connecting Thermonuclear Burst Research to a Wider Community
Duncan Galloway, Hendrik Schatz, Anna Watts, Jean in 't Zand

July 1 - 5
Digital Humanities – The Perspective of Africa
Mirjam de Bruijn, Franciska de Jong, Tunde Opeibi, Sara Petrollino, Juan Steyn

July 8 - 12
Mechanisms for Extreme Event Generation (MEEG)
Norma Bock Crosby, Bertrand Groslambert, Alexander Milovanov, Jens Juul Rasmussen, Didier Sornette

July 15 - 19
Agent-Based Models for Exploring Public Policy Planning
David Banks, Patrick Groenen, Ben Klemens, Robin L. Lumsdaine, Yingqian Zhang

August 12 - 16
Analysis experiment with REFI-QDA Standard
Jeanine Evers

August 26 - 30
Better Safe than Stressed: Multilevel Inhibition of The Default Stress Response
Jos F. Brosschot, Cristina Ottaviani, Julian F. Thayer, Bart Verkuil

September 2 - 6
Ensemble Forecasts in Space Weather: Science and Operations
Eelco Doornbos, Jordan Guerra, Sophie Murray

September 23 - 27
Statistics to the Stars and Back: Convincing Inference Across the Interdisciplinary Gap
Elena Sellentin, Harry van Zanten

October 7 - 11
e-Resources to Revolutionise Toxicology: Linking Data to Decisions
Mirjam Luijten , Alicia Paini, Mark Cronin, Ivana Campia, Clemens Wittwehr

October 14 - 18
Light Anti-Nuclei as a Probe for New Physics
Stefano Della Torre, Nicola Tomassetti, Manuela Vecchi

November 11 - 15
Life Sciences with Industry 2019
Ansa Baykus, Aljoscha Wahl, Margot Beukers, Gökhan Ertaylan, Mirka Macel, Tania Morán, Klara Scupakova , Bas Teusink

November 18 - 22
Hydrodynamics at All Length Scales: From High-Energy to Hard and Soft Matter
Jay Armas, Luca Giomi, Erik van Heumen, Amos Yarom

December 2 - 6
Directly Imaging Exoplanets in Polarized Light with ELTs
Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Theodora Karalidi, Max Millar-Blanchaer, Barnaby Norris, Frans Snik

December 9 - 13
Mechanisms of Meditation and Applications in Clinical Practice
Prisca Bauer, Marieke van Vugt

December 16 - 20
The Origins of Black Hole Mergers and Gravitational Waves
Maxwell Cai, Will Farr, Nathan Leigh, Simon Portegies Zwart, Steven Rieder, Elena Maria Rossi