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Lorentz Program 2016@Snellius


Program poster:
January to April 2016
May to August 2016
September to December 2016

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January 4 - 8
Gravity, Quantum Fields and Entanglement
Manuela Kulaxizi, Andrei Parnachev

January 10 - 13
Perspectives on Diversity: The Cultural Life of Absence
Monika Baar, Anne Baker, Elise de Bree, Piet Devos, Douwe Draaisma, Babette Hellemans

January 18 - 22
Bridging Technological and Social Innovation for a Biobased Economy
Laurens Landeweerd, Lee Lynd, Patricia Osseweijer

January 25 - 29
Population Consequences of Sound Impact on Fish
John Harwood, Hans Slabbekoorn, Jon Egil Skjaeraasen, Martina Vijver, Erwin Winter

February 8 - 12
Microorganisms in Turbulent Flows
Federico Toschi, Guido Boffetta, Massimo Cencini, Markus Holzner, Simone Pigolotti

March 7 - 11
Statistics of Extrema in Large Scale Structure
Tobias Baldauf, Vincent Desjacques, Ravi Sheth, Rien van de Weijgaert

March 14 - 18
Open Machine Learning 2016
Bernd Bischl, Jan van Rijn, Larisa Soldatova, Joaquin Vanschoren

March 21 - 24
Translating Data to Health
Niklas Blomberg, Jan-Willem Boiten, Scott Lusher, Gerrit Meijer

March 29 - April 1
Jan Cami, Nick Cox, Pascale Ehrenfreund, Harold Linnartz, Peter Sarre

April 4 - 8
Dark Matter on the Smallest Scales
Anna Frebel, John McKean, Tommaso Treu, Simona Vegetti, Simon White

April 11 - 15
Microstructure Evolution in Materials: Defects, Cracks & Interfaces
Isaac Chenchiah, Kaushik Dayal, Marc Peletier, Celia Reina

April 18 - 22
Emotions as Feedback Signals
Joost Broekens, Lola Cańamero, Carolien Rieffe

May 9 - 13
The Morality of Inequality: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on How to Make a Difference
Belle Derks, Naomi Ellemers, Luara Ferracioli, Frank Hindriks, Daan Scheepers, Félice van Nunspeet, Jojanneke van der Toorn

May 17 - 20
The Unusual Suspects in Neurodegeneration: Role of Non-Proteinogenic Amino Acids
A. Alia, John Berry, Daniel Huster, Kenneth Rodgers

May 23 - 27
Anisotropy and Shape in Biological Materials: From Structure to Functionality
Luca Giomi, Linda Hirst, Stephanie Höhn, Anupam Sengupta

May 30 - June 3
Combining Aperiodic Order with Structural Disorder
Michael Baake, Aernout van Enter, Holger Kösters

June 6 - 10
Computational Proofs for Dynamics in PDEs
Jan Bouwe van den Berg, Jean-Philippe Lessard

June 20 - 24
Children Seen and Heard Across the Globe
Heather Brookes, Judi Mesman, Akira Takada

July 4 - 8
Biased Tracers of Large-Scale Structure
Daniel Baumann, Enrico Pajer, Fabian Schmidt

July 10 - 13
Interdisciplinary Insights Into Group and Team Dynamics
Hayley Hung, Joann Keyton, Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock

August 8 - 12
High Energy Astrophysical Model Comparison Workshop
Adam Foster, Jelle Kaastra, Randall Smith

August 15 - 19
Comparing Apples with Apples: Concordance Between Simulations and Observations of Star Formation
Jim Dale, Adam Ginsburg, Christine Koepferl, Anna McLeod, Joseph Mottram

August 22 - 26
Migrant (R)e-Collections
Paul Arthur, Marijke van Faassen, Mara de Groot, Marjolein t Hart, Rik Hoekstra, Leo Lucassen, Nonja Peters

August 29 - September 2
Reaction Coordinates from Molecular Trajectories
Peter Bolhuis, Christoph Dellago, Gerhard Hummer

September 12 - 16
Galaxy Morphometrics
Boris Häußler, Benne Holwerda, Claudia Scarlata

September 19 - 23
Innate Immunity of Crops, Livestock and Fish: “The Dawn of Agricultural Immunology"
Ton Bisseling, Haruki Kitazawa, Corné Pieterse, Hideki Takahashi, Bart Thomma, Geert Wiegertjes

September 25 - 30
WIN-E2: Women in Numbers Europe 2
Irene Bouw, Rachel Newton, Ekin Özman

October 10 - 14
Transformations in Statistical Mechanics: Pathologies and Remedies
Henk Broer, Frank den Hollander, Frank Redig, Wioletta Ruszel

October 17 - 21
Serration Technology on Airfoil: Unsteady Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustics
Pieter Sijtsma, Daniele Ragni, Tze Pei Chong, Oksana Stalnov

October 24 - 28
Open Databases Integration for Materials Design
Claudia Draxl, Geoffroy Hautier, Nicola Marzari, Gian-Marco Rignanese, Matthias Scheffler

November 7 - 11
Theoretical Foundations for Learning from Easy Data
Maria-Florina Balcan, Shai Ben-David, Peter Grünwald, Gábor Lugosi, Csaba Szepesvári

November 14 - 18
Normware: Modeling Norms and Automated Norm Application
Robert van Doesburg, Tom van Engers, Mariette Lokin, Arend Rensink, Tijs van der Storm

November 28 - December 2
WoW: the Week of WEAVE
Vanessa Hill, Shoko Jin, Teresa Antoja, Giuseppina Battaglia, Nicholas Walton

December 5 - 9
Analysing Science Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Digging into the Data
Amanda Berry, Andreas Borowski, Janet Carlson, Jan van Driel, Sophie Kirschner

December 12 - 15
Egypt Incorporated: Economic, Political and Cultural Developments from Late Antiquity to Islam
Roger Bagnall, Jelle Bruning, Sylvie Denoix, Janneke de Jong, Petra Sijpesteijn