Lorentz Center - Lorentz Program 2004
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Lorentz Program 2004

Physics Workshops 2004 | Mathematics and Computer Science Workshops 2004 | Astronomy Workshops 2004

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January 12 - 14
The structure and composition of Active Galactic Nuclei: Optical interferometry and adaptive optics of NGC 1068
Huub Röttgering, Walter Jaffe, Klaus Meisenheimer, Helene Sol, Fabien Malbet

February 2 - 6
Coronographic Methods for the Detection of Terrestrial Planets
Aime, Brown, Dumas, Fridlund, Greenaway, Quirrenbach, Rouan, Traub

March 22 - 24
Radiative Transfer Modeling of Water
M. Hogerheijde, F. Helmich, E. Bergin, J. Cernicharo, D. Neufeld, F. van der Tak, J. Yates

April 5 - 8
Benchmarking of PDR models
Serena Viti, Juergen Stutzki, Ewine van Dishoeck

April 20 - 29
Continuous and Discrete Random Spatial Processes
Rob van den Berg, Bernard Nienhuis

May 3 - 7
Near- and mid-IR studies of galaxies in or near the Local Group
Mariarosa Cioni, Harm Habing, M.W. Feast, Paola Marigo, Leo Girardi

May 10 - 12
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance at High Field and High Frequency: Technology and Applications
Jan Schmidt

May 14
Algebraische Topologie - Nascholingsdag Wiskundeleraren
Hans Finkelnberg

May 24 - 28
Quantum Information Processing
Harry Buhrman, Ronald de Wolf

June 2 - 11
Equation-of-State and Phase-Transition Issues in Models of Ordinary Astrophysical Matter
Vladan Celebonovic, Däppen, Douglas Gough

June 14 - 25
Collective Aspects of Stochastic Non-Equilibrium Phenomena at Surfaces and Interfaces
Tapio Ala-Nissila, Marcel den Nijs, J.W.M. Frenken

July 5 - 8
Magnetic Fields in Galaxies
M. Haverkorn, P. Katgert, A. Shukurov, G. de Bruyn, F. Heitch, R. Beck, T. Landecker

July 12 - 16
Electronic Structure beyond Density Functional Theory
Claudia Filippi, Matthew Foulkes, Shiwei Zhang

July 19 - 23
Emerging Issues in Heavy Fermion Materials Physics
John Sarrao, Greg Stewart, Joe Thompson, Jan Zaanen, Guo-qing Zheng

July 26 - 30
The Nuclei of Galaxies
Douglas Richstone, Michele Cappellari, Tim de Zeeuw

August 2 - 13
Recent Progress and Prospects in Density-Matrix Renormalization
Ian McCulloch, Reinhard Noack, Eric Jeckelmann

August 16 - 20
Automorphisms of Curves
Frans Oort, Gunther Cornelissen

August 23 - 26
Harmonic Analysis and Homogeneous Spaces
E. Opdam, Marcel de Jeu, Sander Hille, Erik Koelink, Walter Kosters, Pevzner, Fred Bakker

August 30 - September 3
Annual EAGER Conference 2004
Workshop Algebraic Cycles and Motives
Bas Edixhoven, Jan Nagel, Chris Peters

September 6 - 10
Stieltjes Onderwijsweek: History of Mathematics
graduate course in mathematics
Alberts, Koetsier, Beckers

September 13 - 17
FIRES: The Study of Near-IR Selected High Redshift Galaxies
Marijn Franx, Pieter van Dokkum, Hans Walter Rix

September 20 - 24
Nonlinear Dynamics, Ergodic Theory and Renormalization
Henk Broer, Aernout van Enter, Marco Martens, Floris Takens

September 29 - October 1
Conceptual Design Review PRIMA Astrometry Operations and Software
Bakker, Launhardt, Pepe

October 4 - 8
PGM2004 - Probabilistic Graphical Models 2004
Peter Lucas, Nicole el Moustakim

October 11 - 15
VLTI / MIDI School for Data Reduction, Analysis and Science
Bakker, Jaffe, Quirrenbach, Tubbs, Leinert, Graser, Paresce

October 18 - 29
Volatility of financial markets: theoretical models, forecasting and trading
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Xavier Gabaix, Marco Avellaneda

November 1 - 5
Third International Symposium on Formal Methods for Components and Objects (FMCO)
Willem-Paul de Roever, Marcello Bonsangue, Frank de Boer, Susanne Graf

November 8 - 12
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations describing Front Propagation and other Singular Phenomena
RTN network Fronts-Singularities
Hulshof, Jan Bouwe van den Berg, Michiel Bertsch

November 15 - 19
Statistical Physics of Disorder and Pattern Formation in Fracture
Michels, van der Giessen

November 22 - 26
Molecular Computing
Joost Kok, Giancarlo Mauri

December 1 - 3
Herschel Space Observatory Calibration Workshop: Models and observations of astronomical calibration sources
Ana Heras, Thijs de Graauw, Dieter Lutz, Joris Blommaert, Peter Hargrave, Martin Harwit, Sarah Leeks

December 13 - 14
The Molecular Universe
Xander Tielens, Frank Helmich

December 14 - 17
Herschel Preparatory Science Meeting
Pepe Cernicharo