Lorentz Center - Lorentz Program 2003
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Lorentz Program 2003

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January 13 - 15
Stochastic Bifurcation Theory
Ale Jan Homburg, Robin de Vilder

February 17 - 21
45th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry
Pik, Ovenden, Rottschäfer

March 3 - 7
Stieltjes Onderwijsweek
Graduate Course in Mathematics Stabiliteitsanalyse in PDV's
Doelman, van Duijn, Hulshof

March 13 - 14
Dutch Astrophysics Days III

March 18 - 28
Mathematical understanding of complex patterns in the life sciences
Danielle Hilhorst, Hiroshi Matano, Masayasu Mimura, Mark Peletier

April 4
Nascholingsdag Wiskundedocenten - Escher en het Droste effect

April 7 - 9
X-rays in the Solar System
Alexander Dalgarno, Ewine van Dishoeck

April 14 - 17
Solid State Chemistry in Star Forming Regions
organised on behalf of the Astrophysical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Astronomical Society
Helen Fraser, Ian Sims, Ralf Kaiser, Jeremy Yates, Anita Richards, David Williams

April 22 - May 2
Josephson Junction Arrays and Confined Systems
Valerii Vinokur, Alex Koshelev, Peter Kes

May 8
Kennismaking tussen Wiskunde-onderzoekers uit Delft en Leiden
Roger Cooke, Bas Edixhoven

May 12 - 23
Non-Fermi Liquid Behavior and Quantum Phase Transitions
Qimiao Si, Greg Stewart, Anne de Visser

May 26 - 29
First Observations of Clusters with the Advanced Camera for Surveys of the Hubble Space Telescope
Marijn Franx, George Miley

June 2 - 7
Deep Infra Red Studies and the Distant Universe: FIRES project

June 10 - 20
High Rayleigh Number Thermal Convection
Lohse, Busse

June 23 - 28
Mathematical Techniques and Tools for Data Analysis and Modelling of Intermittent Structures
F Nieuwstadt, J Hunt, J Lewalle

June 30 - July 4
OmegaCAMs First Surveys
Koen Kuijken

July 7 - 11
Electronic Properties of Organic Semi-conductors
Morpurgo, Palstra, Jeroen van den Brink

July 28 - August 2
Diophantine Approximation
Beukers, Evertse, Pieter Moree

August 11 - 16
Hot Topics in Quantum Statistical Physics: q-Thermodynamics, q-Decoherence and q-Motors
Theo Nieuwenhuizen, Milena Grifoni, Elisabetta Paladino

September 22 - 26
EIDMA-Stieltjes Onderwijsweek
Graduate Course in Mathematics Cryptography
Bas Edixhoven, Berry Schoenmakers, Ronald Cramer

September 26 - October 2
Mathematics of Cryptology
Ronald Cramer, Bas Edixhoven, Berry Schoenmakers

October 6 - 17
Cooperative Grains: From Granular Matter to Nano Materials
Wolf, Luding

November 3 - 7
Second International Symposium on Formal Methods for Components and Objects
Marcello Bonsangue, de Boer, de Roever, Graf

November 10 - 14
Astronomy with the Square Kilometre Array
Steve Rawlings, Richard Schilizzi, Chris Carilli

December 2
Requirements, Specification, and Exploration for LOFAR-like Sensor Networks
Sylvain Alliot

December 8 - 12
Fundamentals of Solid State Quantum Information Processing
Carlo Beenakker, Hans Mooij

December 15 - 19
Special Points in Shimura Varieties
Bas Edixhoven, Frans Oort