Lorentz Center - Extreme Physics, Extreme Data from 13 Jan 2020 through 17 Jan 2020
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    Extreme Physics, Extreme Data
    from 13 Jan 2020 through 17 Jan 2020


The aim of this workshop is to bring plasma physicists, astrophysicists and data scientists together to work on understanding the emerging statistical and data challenges in understanding extreme high energy density physics. The field is in the process of entering the regime of being data dominated in the way that astronomy has over the last ten years, and particle physics many years before that. The advent of high shot-rate, high power laser facilities, as well as the capacity to do hundreds of millions of simulations with exascale computing is leading to a need to understand uncertainty, and to leverage machine learning and modern algorithms to get the most out of our data in the coming decade.

Fundamental Problems:

    • INFERENCE: How do we accurately quantify uncertainties on physical inferences from data?
    • SYNTHESIS: How do we combine data from different sources, or extrapolate results from one source to another e.g. to future larger facilities, or to astrophysical scale plasmas?
    • DESIGN: How can we use algorithms to design experiments?

The workshop will focus on the application of modern statistical techniques, machine learning and algorithmic approaches to experiments and astronomical observations around the world probing the physics of the highest temperatures and pressures. This is a research area that lies at the intersection of astrophysics, plasma physics, and particle physics - researchers in these areas all have a shared interest in getting the most information out of their HEDP data.