Language:           Lecture and movie in English (movie subtitled in Dutch)

Venue:                 Kijkhuis, Vrouwenkerksteeg 10, Leiden

Schedule:           21.00-00.00

Tickets:                Website Kijkhuis


Kijkhuis and the Lorentz Center together organize the Movie Night ‘Dr. Strangelove’, with an introduction by Kubrick experts Nathan Abrams and Mick Broderick.


Kubrick's classic war comedy hits the big screen once again!


At the height of the Cold War, American general Jack Ripper loses his mind and decides to destroy the Soviet Union with nuclear bombs. When meeting with his advisors, the US president learns that if the Soviet Union is bombed, a system destroying all life on earth will automatically be set in motion. Ripper's planes will have to be called back immediately but since no one knows the right communication codes, this proves difficult.


The film will be introduced by, internationally renowned Kubrick experts, Nathan Abrams and Mick Broderick. Abrams is a film professor and author of the book Stanley Kubrick: New York Jewish Intellectual. Broderick is a professor of media analysis and author of the bookReconstructing Strangelove: Inside Stanley Kubrick's "Nightmare Comedy".


This movie night is part of a collaboration between Kijkhuis and the Lorentz Center. The workshop ‘Life and Legacy Studying the Work of Stanley Kubrick’ takes place at the Lorentz Center from 15-19 July 2019.