Lorentz Center - Interactions in the Dark: physics of Dark Energy-Dark Matter interactions from 6 Apr 2009 through 9 Apr 2009
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    Interactions in the Dark:
    physics of Dark Energy-Dark Matter interactions
    from 6 Apr 2009 through 9 Apr 2009

Preliminary Program

Final Program



Monday, 6 April 2009


Chair (Zhao/Hansen)


09:15-10:15         Registration, coffee


10:15-10:20         Opening


10:20-10:30         Zhao: Motivating the interaction approach to coincidences in Dark Sector


10:30-11:00         Famaey: New physics for Dark Matter needed for galaxies


11:00-11:30         Bruneton: Dark matter approach to modified dynamics


11:30-12:00         Hoekstra: Weak gravitational lensing: current and future data


12:00-13:30         LUNCH


13:30-13:50         Koopmans: Strong gravitational lensing: current and future data


13:50-14:10         Gentile: Galactic constraints to MOND and CDM


14:10-15:10         Interactive session: what are the most sensitive data to test new physics. Lead: Zhao/Koopmans


15:10-16:30         Split to Workgroups and Coffee


16:30-17:00         Sanders: Modified dynamics in galaxies and TeVeS


17:00-19:00         Wine & Cheese Party



Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Chair (Hoekstra/Kuijken)


09:00-09:30         Van de Bruck: Challenges to simulate large scale structure and non-linear perturbations in Modified Gravity and Dark Energy


09:30-10:00         Amendola: New Physics needed for Dark Energy?




10:20-10:50         Afshordi: New physics for neutrinos and dark energy


10:50-11:20         Zhao: Mass-varying neutrinos as dark matter and dark energy




11:40-12:10         Fuzfa: Neutrinos and new physics from breaking the WEP


12:10-12:30         Angus: Sterile neutrinos and new physics: the bullet cluster


12:30-14:00         LUNCH


14:00-14:30         Blanchet: Dipolar dark matter


14:30-15:30         Interactive session: which part of physics is fundamentally changeable. Lead: Amendola/Smit


15:30-16:40         COFFEE and Split to Workgroups


16:40-17:00         Li: Challenges to simulate galaxy clusters in new physics





Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Chair (Sanders)


09:00-09:20         Hansen: Overview of standard simulations


09:20-09:40         Penarubia: Simulations of dwarf galaxies


09:40-10:10         Feix: Lensing simulation of the straight arc




10:30-11:30         All: Short talks (5-10 mins) from anyone bringing a poster


                            COFFEE and Read Posters


12:30-14:00         LUNCH


14:00-14:20         Llinares: Structure formation with modified dynamics


14:20-15:20         Interactive session: how can existing tools be used to simulate structure formation to test new physics? Lead: Hansen/Amendola


15:20-16:40         COFFEE and Split to Workgroups


16:40-17:00         Tiret: Nbody + hydro simulations in MOND



Thursday, 9 April 2009


Chair (Amendola)


09:00-09:20         Eling: Einstein-Aether theories and Lorentz violation


09:20-09:40         Prescod-Weinstein: Black holes and cosmic acceleration


09:40-10:00         Foster: Testing the aether in the Solar system




10:30-11:00         Kahya: Testing new physics with gravitational waves


11:00-11:20         Bruneton: Causality and stability requirements for modified gravity


11:20-11:40         Prokopec: Introduction Back Reaction


11:40-13:00         LUNCH


13:00-13:30         Acquaviva: Large Scale constraints on scalar-tensor gravity


13:30-14:20         Interactive session: which are the generic features of theories which fail in solar systems? Lead: Prokopec/Bruneton


14:20-15:20         Coffee and Split into Workgroups


15:20-16:00         Taylor: Summary: messages and homework for physicists and astronomers, date of next workshop




Sign up for four Workgroups with each group leader on Theories and codes (Zhao), Galactic scale (Famaey), Large Scale (Hoekstra), Solar system (Foster).


Good Friday morning: A self-organized tour of Keukenhof (sign-up on whiteboard).