This workshop will be held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, the Netherlands,from Monday December 14 till Wednesday December 23 (included), 1998.

The topics are Change Point Problems and Statistical Process Control; CPP & SPC for short. SPC is now generally accepted in industry as an indispensable tool. Several companies have started an extensive training programme in SPC for their employees. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of mathematical statisticians who work on problems inspired by SPC, like Change Point Problems. The goal of the workshop is to stimulate interaction between researchers interested in these topics from the mathematical statistical and/or the industrial statistical point of view.

There are several recent developments in SPC, inspired by new industrial applications and by modern mathematical statistics. In industry, there is a trend to produce small numbers of products with detailed customer specifications. This requires SPC tools for short runs in a set-up phase, rather than the more traditional application to long production runs. Another interesting issue is SPC for feedback systems; this requires integration of the statistical and the control engineering approaches.

In mathematical statistics, there are several promising techniques now to detect change points. Furthermore, several papers appeared in the last few years on control charts for correlated data, which is of importance for applying SPC to feedback systems.

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For information on lodging etc., contact Annette Vermond, Management and Program Assistant, Lorentz Center, Niels Bohrweg 2, 2333 CA Leiden. Email: .