Lorentz Center - Computers
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As guest of the Lorentz Center you may acces the internet through a temporary guest account. To allow you to access the internet during the workshop, you need a personal username and password that is handed to you by your Workshop coordinator. If you have a personal account with an Eduroam-affiliated institute, you may access the internet through Eduroam.

Who to contact

If you need any additional help in getting around the Lorentz Center Computer System, please ask your workshop coordinator for help. If the problem is not solved we will contact our IT service desk for help.

Connecting your Notebook

You can connect your notebook to the network by patching into the network outlets that are available in each room. The Lorentz Center runs DHCP allowing dynamic allocation of IP numbers. Use this option on your notebook to connect it to the network.
Connect to the wireless or cable network: “LUWA” or “Eduroam” Open your internet browser and you will be directed to the log-in page of the university’s wireless network LUWA. Fill in the username and password

Local mail server

You can connect to the local email server using the following addresses. SMTP server: mail.lorentzcenter.nl and IMAP/POP server: mail.lorentzcenter.nl. As the account name you just use the one given to you in the leaflet. On SMTP connections do not use TLS and do not use username/password authentication.

Local printer

To print documents, please use the guest computer in the Lorentz Center corridor opposite of the elevators. Printer name is 'P2215_02' (on VUWVPS06).