Lorentz Center - Bicycles for rent & Biking maps
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    Bicycles for rent & Biking maps

Workshop participants can rent a bicycle at the Lorentz Center for

  • € 5 per day

On request the workshop coordinator provides a key for the bicycle.

Cycling is a convenient way to cover the distances from the Lorentz Center to the hotels or to the city of Leiden. It is the fastest way to reach different places in town, where many roads are one-way and parking places are scarce.

Cycling is also recommended for tours to the beach and dunes nearby and to the surroundings.

Beware: Unfortunately unlocked bicycles in Holland run a high risk to be stolen.

ALWAYS LOCK your bike, even if it is only for a few minutes !

If your bike is stolen, but you can not prove that you locked it by returning the key, you will be charged € 350.

Biking maps

Plan your own route at http://www.routeyou.com/home.en

Or click on the pictures below for a map to Wassenaar or Katwijk