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Qumran, a scientific jigsaw puzzle. The Dead Sea scrolls and archaeometry

Jan Gunneweg,

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
and Lorentz Fellow at NIAS,

At present, Qumran is famous by the find of the Dead Sea scrolls consisting of the entire Old Testament and sectarian writings written on an estimated 950 scrolls in black ink on parchment and papyrus in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek script.

In 1998, a start has been made to link the material and bio-cultural archaeology of the site of Qumran with that of the scrolls that have been preserved for over two millennia.

Two scientific publications have appeared since 2003 in the collaboration with 120 scientists from 16 European countries, collaborating in different domains of Humanitiets and Science to shed light on Qumran's history by applying cutting edge analytical techniques.

Some new theories can be formulated that will be tested in the future.