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Making the Cut: Kirigami Topology

Randall Kamien

University of Pennsylvania

ABSTRACT: Randall Kamien is Vicki and William Abrams Professor in the Natural Sciences in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania. He was awarded an Investigator grant from the Simons Foundation in 2013. The foundation describes Kamien as ďa leading figure in the theory of topological effects in condensed matter physics, known for the mathematical rigor he brings to his work and in particular for the use of sophisticated and elegant geometrical methods to obtain insight into fundamental aspects of the structure of polymers, colloids, liquid crystals and related materials and into the topological defects occurring in these materials.Ē Kamienís recent work has included collaborations with engineers in using liquid crystals as templates for nanofabrication and in applying principles of origami to the design of functional nano-structures. Randall participates in the Lorentz Center workshop on Topological Mechanics: from Metamaterials to Robots that is being held from October 6 through October 10.