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Shake, rattle and roll: new discoveries in fusion plasma turbulence

Jonathan Citrin

ABSTRACT: Jonathan Citrin performed his PhD research in the computational plasma physics group at the FOM Institute for fundamental energy research DIFFER. He defended his thesis at Eindhoven University of Technology in December 2012 and was awarded his degree cum laude. In 2013 he received the fifth and last of the FOM YES! Fellowships for Young Energy Scientists. Over the coming four years, the grant will support Jonathan to investigate the effect of tungsten on fusion reactor plasma performance. He will investigate the processes of tungsten transport in the fusion plasma and how tungsten accumulation influences the evolution of the plasma temperature and density. By constructing well validated numerical models, he expects to learn how to operate with more stable plasmas and better extrapolate towards more efficient fusion reactors. Jonathan is one of the organizers of the Lorentz Center workshop Modeling Kinetic Aspects of Global MHD Modes that is being held from 2 Dec 2013 through 6 Dec 2013.