Lorentz Center - DLF call 2020/2021
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    DLF call 2020/2021

The NIAS-Lorentz Program is looking for an outstanding researcher who wants to carry out cutting-edge research, bringing together perspectives from humanities and social sciences with natural and technological sciences.

The Distinguished Lorentz Fellow (DLF) may be nominated by leading figures in the Dutch academic community, or museums and industries with a research agenda - rectors, deans, directors, governors, distinguished researchers.

What we offer
10,000 personal prize
5 to 10 month fellowship at NIAS, including on-campus study, research facilities and residential accommodation
1-week workshop at the Lorentz Center, including full organizational support and 20,000 budget for travel and hotel reimbursements

DLF profile
excellent academic track record
capacity to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines
embedded in the Dutch scientific community

Contact: Dindy van Maanen,
Information: website NIAS-Lorentz
Deadline: 15 October 2019