Lorentz Center - Lorentz Program 2019@Oort
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Lorentz Program 2019@Oort


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January 7 - 11
RRI for Energy Systems: Concepts, Methods and Cases
Olivier Ejderyan, Chris Groves, Kirsten Jenkins, Shannon Spruit, Behnam Taebi

January 14 - 18
Two worlds: the Interplay of Cultures and Technologies
Corinne Hofman

January 21 - 25
ICT with Industry 2019
Paola grosso, Claudia Hauff, Patricia Lago, Ana Maria Oprescu, Arend Rensink

January 28 - February 1
Science and Innovation with Thunderstorms (SAINT)
Ute Ebert, Martin Füllekrug, Alejandro Luque, Torsten Neubert, Sander Nijdam

February 4 - 8
Scheduling Meets Fixed-Parameter Tractability
Nicole Megow, Matthias Mnich, Gerhard Woeginger

February 18 - 22
From Star Clusters to Ultra Low-Luminosity Galaxies: Star Formation in Tiny Systems Reaching Back to First Light
Angela Adamo, Nate Bastian, Rychard Bouwens, Bruce Elmegreen, Tim Heckman, Daniel Weisz

March 18 - 22
Granular Matter Across Scales
Joshua Dijksman, Lou Kondic, Vanessa Magnanimo, Kianoosh Taghizadeh

March 25 - 29
Cyber Insurance and its Contribution to Cyber Risk Mitigation
Pamela Briggs, Katsiaryna Labunets, Wolter Pieters, David Rios Insua, Maarten van Wieren

April 8 - 12
Sympletic Dynamics
Marine Fontaine, Urs Frauenfelder, Holger Waalkens, Lei Zhao

April 15 - 18
Capturing Developmental Brain Dynamics
Nienke van Atteveldt, Milene Bonte, Mert Sabuncu, Maaike Vandermosten, Wouter Weeda