Lorentz Center - Iron, Myelin and the Brain from 12 Mar 2018 through 16 Mar 2018
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    Iron, Myelin and the Brain
    from 12 Mar 2018 through 16 Mar 2018


Description and Aim

In this workshop we will discuss the role of iron in the brain, with specific attention to brain ageing, neurodegeneration and brain pathology. The specific aim of this workshop is to bridge different academic fields, from neurobiology to MRI physics and biochemistry.

A dedicated group of 55 experts (neurobiologists, pathologists, metal biologists, (MRI) physicists) will jointly work on the formulation of a roadmap to understand the role of iron in brain health and disease.

This workshop will be considered a success when new cross-disciplinary networks are formed. Concrete products of the workshop will be a ‘white paper’ with recommendations on directions to bring the field to the next level. Secondly, during the week we will prepare a draft proposal for a grant (an EU COST action or an equivalent across-the-Atlantic program) with the specific aim to strengthen and maintain the newly formed network of experts within the Lorentz meeting.


Workshop costs

There is no registration fee for this workshop. Hotel accommodation is available at a reduced rate of 85 Euro per night.