Lorentz Center - Uncertainty Quantification in Complex, Nonparametric Statistical Models from 16 Apr 2018 through 20 Apr 2018
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    Uncertainty Quantification in Complex, Nonparametric Statistical Models
    from 16 Apr 2018 through 20 Apr 2018

Names listed in boldface are linked to the home pages of these participants

Kweku Abraham(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Sergios Agapiou(Nicosia, Cyprus)
Eduard Belitser(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Tamara Broderick(Cambridge, United States)
Thomas Buddenkotte(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Tony Cai(, )
Alexandra Carpentier(Magdeburg, Germany)
Ismael Castillo(Paris, France)
Alberto Coca(, )
Kevin Duisters(Leiden, Netherlands)
Chao Gao(Chicago, United States)
Edward George(Philadelphia, United States)
Subhashis Ghoshal(Raleigh, United States)
Matteo Giordano(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Jelle Goeman(Leiden, Netherlands)
David Gross(Cologne, Germany)
Zijian Guo(New Brunswick , United States)
Marc Hoffmann(PARIS, France)
Hanne Kekkonen(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Bas Kleijn(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Antonio Lijoi(Milano, Italy)
Matthias Loeffler(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Kaisey Mandel(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Domenico Marinucci(Roma, Italy)
Francois Monard(Santa Cruz, CA, United States)
Richard Nickl(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Nurzhan Nurushev(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Gabriel Paternain(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Kolyan Ray(London, United Kingdom)
Markus Reiß(Berlin, Germany)
James Robins(Boston, United States)
Angelika Rohde(, )
Etienne Roquain(, )
Judith Rousseau(Oxford, United Kingdom)
Moritz Schauer(Leiden, Netherlands)
Johannes Schmidt-Hieber(Leiden, Netherlands)
Paulo Serra(Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Claudia Strauch(Mannheim, Germany)
B.T. Szabo(Leiden, Netherlands)
Jakob Söhl(Delft, Netherlands)
Jonathan Taylor(Stanford, United States)
Jeannot Trampert(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Sara van de Geer(Zürich, Switzerland)
Stéphanie van der Pas(Leiden, Netherlands)
Aad van der Vaart(Leiden, Netherlands)
Tristan van Leeuwen(Utrecht, Netherlands)
Harry van Zanten(Amsterdam, )
Sven Wang(Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Frank Werner(Göttingen, Germany)
Dong Yan(Leiden, Netherlands)
William Weimin Yoo(Leiden, Netherlands)
Cun-Hui Zhang(Piscataway, United States)