Lorentz Center - Lorentz-eScience winner 2019
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    Lorentz-eScience winner 2019

Earlier this year the Netherlands eScience Center and the Lorentz Center invited researchers to join the Lorentz-eScience competition 2019 and to submit a proposal for a workshop. We are happy to announce that we have selected a winner of the competition.

The Lorentz-eScience competition aims to host a leading-edge workshop on digitally enhanced research (efficient utilization of data, software and e-infrastructure). The workshop topic should bring together researchers from the academic community and the public/private sector.

The winning proposal is:

'Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity'

by Vincent Lengkeek, Roy Lindelauf, Arnout van de Rijt, Paulo Shakarian and V. Subrahmanian.

This proposal was very well received by the evaluation panel and we are pleased that we can include such a high quality, challenging, and interesting workshop in our program.

The workshop will be held from 3 - 7 June 2019, at the venue Lorentz Center@Snellius in Leiden, The Netherlands.

For more information about the Lorentz-eScience program,
please contact: Henriette Jensenius